A Must-Know List Of 9 Personal Qualities For Architects

Have you ever considered becoming an architect? Are you terrified that this profession might not be for you? Here are some personal qualities for architects you must know, according to galuaplus.com

Everyone has professional dreams. And as we get older, we become more aware of what we want to do. Rey Galua is one of them.

Rey Diegas Galua is a Filipino architect and the founder of Galua Plus (formerly rdGalua Associates), a national design firm.

He is the founder and lead architect of rdGalua Associates, an architectural design firm based in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

He is regarded as one of the most prolific Filipino architects of his era.

He showed and shared some personal qualities for architects to all who want to be a great architect someday.

He began his architectural studies in 1992 at Cagayan de Oro College’s College of Engineering and Architecture in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, and graduated in 1997.

Rey d. Galua established his own architectural consulting firm, RD Galua Associates, which later changed its name to GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio.

Galua earned his master’s degree in Sustainable Development Studies with a major in Rural and Urban Planning from Mindanao State University—Iligan Institute of Technology in Iligan, Philippines, in 2004.

He continued his studies at Mindanao State University—Iligan Institute of Technology in Iligan City, graduating in 2011 with a doctorate in Sustainable Development Studies with a major in Rural and Urban Planning.

personal qualities for architects
Rey galua

Following his dream of becoming an architect was the best move he could have made for himself and his life.
He knew he wanted to be an architect since he was a child, and he marvels at how his relationship with the discipline has strengthened. He is still as enthusiastic about architecture as he was in high school and college.

There are many interesting reasons to pursue a career as an architect.
He could easily make a shortlist item like these personal qualities for architects. He believes that the reason he has remained so enthusiastic about architecture is that it tapped into various skills that he had long before he pursued a career as an architect.

Here Are 9 Personal Qualities For Architects You Should Know.

If you already have the personal qualities for architects listed below, architecture could be a great fit for you.

1 .You enjoy working on a variety of projects

brooke cagle g1Kr4Ozfoac unsplash

Everything falls into three categories: beginning, middle, and end. You love every stage of the project and take pride. You alternate between looking at the specifics and the big picture of the project regularly.

Projects could be as easy as cooking a meal, creating a website, repairing a bike, or even learning a new skill.
Some initiatives last for years, while others fade quickly or slowly.

However, a well-executed completed project will leave you feeling really satisfied. The downside to being obsessed with tasks is that you can become overwhelmed if you have too many projects going on in your life.

2You have several preferences.

Many people do not care about the things you do. It is also okay if you have a tendency to overthink things.
You can typically back up your preferences with proof. It doesn’t matter if the data is subjectively valid as long as it makes sense to you.

3. You’re terrible in math but don’t seem to mind.

“I’ve always wanted to become an architect, but I’m terrible at arithmetic,” a lot of people say. Many architects, in fact, aren’t particularly gifted in mathematics. Those that are capable of doing so may pursue a career as engineers.
In reality, arithmetic is one of the first things you’ll have to learn if you want to be an architect.

“I suck at arithmetic, and I can’t do that,” claims everyone who shouldn’t be an architect.
And that’s where the process comes to a halt.

As we all know, math is just one of many challenges you’ll face on your path to becoming an architect.
If you are terrible at arithmetic, but looking back, it wasn’t all that difficult.

4. You care about people just as much as you do about structures.

You enjoy learning about people, their cultures, and their distinctions. It’s an endless source of intrigue; you’re constantly asking yourself things like:

  • What makes people unique?
  • What are the ways in which they live differently?
  • What impact do location and climate have on people?
  • What effects do religion, economics, and personal views have on people’s interactions with their surroundings?

Then you consider how the architecture is impacted. It is the way people interact with architecture that makes it attractive.

The goal of an architect is to assist clients in creating a practical environment that meets their different needs and preferences.
Understanding other types of people and cultures is aided by having a desire to learn about them.

5. Both a generalist and a specialist are potential roles.

By definition, every architect is a generalist. Every step of the way, it drilled them into being a generalist.

It’s the whole objective of architecture school and the certification process. To be able to manage their support team of professionals, they usually have a basic understanding of a variety of topics.

personal qualities for architects
Rey galua

It’s in your blood to be a specialist. Architects all have a few passions in which they’ve chosen to specialize: sustainability, accessibility, design, education, detailing, rendering, building envelopes, materials, history, engineering systems, business, politics.

6. Everything is actively designed by you.

Deciding is at the heart of design. Designers take pleasure in deciding in many aspects of their lives. Everything is designed or, to put it another way, goes through the same decision-making process. Every decision you make is an opportunity to practice your design skills.

7. You’re prepared to make a sacrifice.

One of the personal qualities for architects is this. Everyone sacrifices to become an architect. Perhaps it’s their relationship, their social life, their extended time in education, graduating with a massive amount of student debt, or their mental and physical health.

The greatest sacrifice will always be time. It’s not such a big problem or even a sacrifice if you know what you’re getting into.

Your decision to pursue architecture will affect your family and friends, but they love you and are understanding and supportive of your choices.

8. You’re a hard worker.

You are a hard worker who is competitive, tenacious, disciplined, and enthusiastic about your work. You are on the lookout for ways to advance and are prepared to take advantage of them. You’re fine with working all night while everyone else is sleeping, if that’s what it takes.

The ability to hustle (when necessary) is the most valuable quality an architect can possess.

personal qualities for architects
Rey galua

9. Your professors and mentors motivate you.

This is exactly one of the very reasons why we continue our careers. Most architects who have gone further down the road than you will be completely open about their process.
They want to see you succeed and might be your finest resource for learning how to become an architect.

To gain access to this knowledge, you must show a dedication to becoming an architect, or have these personal qualities for architects, as well as a passion for the subject and a love of the profession.

You know all 9 of these personal qualities for architects. You can assess yourself right now. Remember that all races require great persistence and motivation to succeed.

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