Durian Fruits

Are you a durian fruit lover?  If yes, come and visit Davao, the “Durian Capital of the Philippines” where varieties of durian fruits are available. 

Durian fruit is a remarkable tropical organic product. It’s widespread in Southeast Asia, where it’s considered “the king of fruits.” It is exceptionally high in supplements, containing more than most different organic products.

It has a stinky, custard-like flesh with enormous seeds. Its flesh can range in color. It’s most regularly yellow or white.

The organic product can grow up to 1 foot long and 6 inches wide. A usual durian organic product has around 486 grams of consumable mash.

Its abundances occur during Kadayawan Festival celebrated every August that fills in as a thanksgiving occasion for the gifts of nature, the abundance of culture, and bounties of crop and peacefulness of living. It likewise celebrates and offers honor for the lumads, a collective gathering of indigenous people living in the city.

Let us be acquainted with the different varieties of durian fruits in Davao City. 

Below are the 5 best durian fruits varieties that you can eat with your family and friends.

1. Mamer

Mamer is referred to among Dabawenyos as the native durian. It is considered as the best local variety in Calinan with a 25 percent eatable part is normal in Barangays Serib and Dumalang in Calinan.


2. Arancillo

Arancillo, which is considered as probably the most seasoned variety in Davao City. It is viewed as the best variety due to its luscious taste.

It’s generally a grayish shading, nearly ivory, shading with not many, extremely fine wrinkles. It weighs around 1,560 grams with Mimosa yellow, firm, and smooth flesh.

It has a gentle fragrance. It is productive and reliable, has superb eating quality, and bears slow time of year natural products.


3. Puyat

Puyat is pretty clearly a seedling of Chanee, from Thailand. It’s unmistakable from Chanee, having to a greater degree a pear shape and browner thistles, and flesh with a trace of pink, however, it tastes comparative.

It is an extraordinary variety for the individuals who appreciate Mon Thong. It is comparative in surface and flavor. Each case has a lot of flesh.


4. Chanee

Chanee implies Gibbon in Thai and has a place with the Luang Cultivar Group. This is an early variety that proves to be fruitful 4-6 years following planting. The natural product is 2 – 4.5 kg, oval to wide tube-shaped, lobed, and grayish brown. The radiant yellow mash is thick, fine finished, firm, rich smooth, sweet, and of amazing taste.

It is delicate, rich, and has a refined unpleasant complement in its flavor. Each fruit measures 2-5 kg. The brilliant yellow flesh is sweet and makes up 32% eatable part.

It is absolutely the first variety that spread among Durian ranchers in Davao Region, and which went before the Arancillo variety.


5. Mon Thong

Mon Thong durian is an enormous organic product, averaging 3 to 5 kilograms. For the most part, has an oval to round and hollow, tightened shape, here and there found with unpredictable knocks, making a heart-like appearance.

Its surface is shrouded in pointed, thickly pressed three-sided spikes and ranges in shading from light green, light brown, to brilliant brown. Under the spiked surface, there is a white, light inside with numerous chambers encasing flaps of flesh.

It has a gentle fragrance contrasted with other durian varieties and a rich, sweet, warm, and complex enhancement portrayed as a mix of vanilla, caramel, pepper, and sulfur notes.

Mon Thong

What are you waiting for? Tara na! Invite your loved ones and friends and choose the Durian fruit variety that you want to enjoy eating. Don’t miss it because the experience is worth remembering.

Source: http://davaocitybybattad.blogspot.com/2011/07/durian-king-of-fruits.html

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